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Uphar foundation in

www uphar foundation in

In this article, we will talk about Bihar Uphaar Foundation is know as UPHAR Himayat All Religion Foundation. The main mission of this foundation in is to improve Education, Health and Employment conditions in Urban and Rural areas. This foundation works always on the groundwork of growth. We’re working out on several factuality and several circumstances in societies.

In our society the procedure of development grounded on Education Sector, Employment, Health Sector, Administration etc. This is the everyday needfulness of every people. Uphar foundation in catalyze always to develop our community and several belongings for our community.

Uphaar Foundation in Details

Vision of Uphar foundation in :- We daily induce on several challenges and dream of my cherished mother country. We wish it to be a wealthy, happier and healthier country to reside in. We need it to be a veritable empyrean on globe. Uphaar foundation hope that within the coming few years my mother country shall have made as momentous progression as to be the certifiably nation of my dreams.

OrganizationUphar Himayat All Religion Foundation
Brand NameUphar Foundation
MissionNational Rural/Urban Education & Employment Mission, India
ProjectUphar Shikshan Kendra (Uphar Classes)
SchemePanchayat Shiksha Abhiyan Yojna
Secretary cum CEORehan Khan

Uphar Foundation Legal Status

Sl. No.Document & SectionRegistration No.Date
1.Government of India Societies Registred Under Section Act 21/186032/027008-2016-1711/06/2016
2.Government of India NITI AYOG RegistrationBR/2017/017305811/06/2016
3.International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 CertifiedQMS-XX-XV-I-IX-114121/05/2018
4.Government of India Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1)383245302/07/2018
5.Government of India Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1)499623228/06/2021
6.Parmanent Account Number (PAN)AAAAU8505B30/08/2016
7.Government of India Income Tax Act, 1961. (Section 12A)AAAAU8505BE2021831/12/2021
8.Government of India Income Tax Act, 1961. (Section 80G)AAAAU8505BF2022431/12/2021

In India, Youth unemployment rate is increasing day by day. As per 2013 report of world development, unemployment between 15 to 24 years aged (unemployed percentage of males and females between 15 to 24 years old youth- 9% of young males and 11% young females) is increased drastically. As per world development data of 2009-2010, 9.7% of men and 18.7% of women in India were unemployed.


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MOBILE & WHATSAPP NUMBER +91 947 045 6891 | +91 732 281 2461, EMAIL :- uphaar.india.gov@gmail.com

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