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Radhika merchant and Anant ambani Engagement

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani Engagement

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani Marriage

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani Engagement : As everyone eyed the luminary- interspersed engagement ceremonial of industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s youngish son Anant Ambani with Radhika Merchant at Antilia, the highlight of the nighttime was the’ surprise ring bearer‘. While beaucoup would impanel the assist of their buddies or family to grasp on the responsibilities of subsisting the ring liaison. On their sui generis day, it was their kinsfolk canine who did the accolades.

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani wedding Video

In a videotape from the grandiose ceremonial, the announcer can be sighted inviting the’ ambuscade ring bearer’ on rostrum and in neared a fortuitous, blithesome Golden Retriever. Everyone was distinguished dancing with heart- acclimatized cardboard in facade of the couple. Anant Ambani’s mommy Nita Ambani also wowed the crow with a cotillion interpretation.

Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant’s Engagement Ceremony

Meanwhile, the glorious ceremony was beseemed in a conventional etiquette where the couple accomplished geriatric Gujarati habitudes analogous as Gol Dhana and Chunari Vidhi. Gol Dhana is apre-wedding ceremonial in Gujarati convention, which is a manner of engagement.

Gol Dhana( jaggery and coriander seeds)- a conventional Gujarati engagement ritual- is apportioned at the bridegroom’s emplacement, where the occasion takes place. The families swapped gifts and felicitations as proportion of thepre-wedding Gujarati conventions.

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani wedding Video

Who Is Radhika Merchant

Radhika merchant and Anant ambani : Radhika Merchant is the daughter of Viren Merchant and Shaila Merchant, who is the CEO of Encore Healthcare, a privately owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Radhika Merchant age is about 28 years (Born in 1994). She is known to be a trained classical dancer and keeps a low profile.

Radhika Merchant is a private individual from Mumbai, India, who comes from a business background, and also known for her classical dance. She completed her schooling in Mumbai and later went to New York University to pursue a degree in political science. After finishing her education, she worked as an intern for consulting firms and later as a junior sales manager for a real estate firm in Mumbai.

Who is Radhika Merchant?

She is involved in her father’s business, Encore Healthcare and is also known for her philanthropic and social causes, particularly in education and women empowerment. She is also actively involved in the arts. Despite her young age, she is already making a positive impact in the business and philanthropic worlds.

Who Is Anant Ambani

Anant Ambani is the younger child of Mukesh Ambani, one of the wealthiest men in India and the chairman of Reliance Industries. He is currently completing his education. Anant Ambani has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School.

अनंत अंबानी और राधिका मर्चेंट की सगाई

He has been actively involved in the family business and is a Director on the Board of Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail. Anant Ambani is known to be interested in technology and digital innovation and is actively involved in the growth and expansion of Reliance Jio. He is also involved in various philanthropic and social initiatives through Reliance Foundation.

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